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Ashley Evan
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About the Lab

The Early Justice Strategies (EJS) lab conducts research on strategies to facilitate community release, supervision, and connection to services and supports for individuals who are justice-involved. Many of our projects focus specifically on front-end criminal-legal processing (i.e., community-, police-, jail-, and court-based interventions). See the “Projects” tab for more information on our recent work! 


Lab News

Recent Events

American Society of Criminology 2021 Annual Meeting – Chicago, IL

November 17-20 2021

Recent Publications

Foudray, C. M. A., Lawson, S. G., & Lowder, E. M. (2022). Jail-based court notifications to improve appearance rates following early pretrial release. American Journal of Criminal Justice.


Lowder, E. M., Diaz, C. L., Grommon, E., & Ray, B. R. (2022). Differential prediction and disparate impact of pretrial risk assessments in practice: A multi-site evaluation. Journal of Experimental Criminology.

Lawson, S. G., & Lowder, E. M. (2022). Differential prediction by race in IRAS-PAT assessments: An application of debiasing strategies. Justice Quarterly, 1–27.

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