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Current Projects

Reducing Revocations Challenge 

With funding from Arnold Ventures, we are collaborating with researchers at Indiana University and IUPUI to evaluate and implement strategies to address drivers of probation revocations in Monroe County, Indiana. 

Indiana Recovery Works 

With funding from the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA), we are collaborating with researchers at Wayne State University and the University of Indianapolis to evaluate Indiana’s Recovery Works program. Recovery Works is a State-funded program that provides vouchers for community-based behavioral health services to individuals with a felony-level charge. Since its inception in 2015, Recovery Works has provided treatment and recovery services to over 50,000 justice-involved individuals with behavioral health needs. 

Fairfax County Peer Recovery Services Evaluation

With support from the Fairfax County-Falls Church Community Services Board, our team is evaluating Fairfax County's provision of peer recovery services for individuals in substance and/or mental health recovery. This evaluation will determine whether peer recovery programs are operating as intended and achieving key short-term and long-term outcomes for individuals.

Disparities in Criminal-Legal Processing 

With support from the Indiana Office of Judicial Administration and the Indiana Justice Reinvestment Council’s (JRAC) Racial Equity Work Group, we are advancing a study to establish and measure decision points in criminal-legal processing that contribute to cumulative disparities between Black and White individuals who are justice-involved.  

Pretrial Risk Assessment

With funding from the John D. And Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, we are collaborating with researchers at Policy Research Associates and the University of Massachusetts to conduct a mixed-methods multiphase study investigating how pretrial risk assessment instruments can be used to inform less carceral pretrial decisions. We will assess defendants’ perceptions of their criminogenic risks, needs, and protective factors in risk assessment and pretrial decisions. 

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