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EJS Lab attends AP-LS!

From March 20th - 24th, Dr. Evan Lowder, Dr. Spencer Lawson (EJS associate), Anna Knes (doctoral student), and Sydney Reuter (senior, undergraduate student) EJS Lab attended the 2024 annual American Psychology-Law Society conference in Los Angeles. They presented recent findings from a variety of pretrial studies. A special congratulations to Sydney for winning second place for Best Undergraduate Poster!

Individual papers

  • Racial Differences in Pretrial Defendants’ Perceptions of Risk, Needs, and Facilitators During the Pretrial Period - Evan Lowder, Peyton Frye, Chelsea Foudray, & Sydney Ingel

  • Disparate Impact of Risk Screening and Assessment: A Systematic Review - Spencer Lawson, Emma Narkewicz, & Gina Vincent

  • Multi-Study Examination of Criminal-Legal Professionals’ Use of Pretrial Risk Assessments in Pretrial Decision-Making - Anna Knes, Mindy Thai, Sydney Reuter, Autumn Kent, & Evan Lowder

Poster presentation

  • Improving Confidence in Pretrial Release Decisions: Pretrial Risk Assessments and Structured Guidelines - Sydney Reuter & Evan Lowder

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