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EJS Lab goes to Philadelphia!

The American Society of Criminology hosted its annual conference in Philadelphia, PA from November 15-18, 2023. Many EJS lab members attended to present individual papers and posters.

Individual papers

  • Pilot RCT of an Assessment and Referral Strategy for Pretrial Defendants with Problematic Substance Use - Chelsea M.A. Foudray & Evan Lowder

  • A Systematic Review of Criminogenic Needs During the Pretrial Period; Sydney Ingel, Evan Lowder, Spencer Lawson, Peyton Frye, & Autumn Kent

  • E-ffective: An Assessment of Online Law Library Access on Appellant Case Outcomes - Hayley Carlisle & Evan Lowder

  • The Impact of Media Portrayal on Perceptions of Bail Reform Mindy Lee Thai & Evan Lowder

  • Development and Validation of the Relative Disadvantage Tool - Evan Lowder, Spencer Lawson, Ebony Ruhland, Ashley Elizabeth Rodriguez, Peyton Frye, & Madeline McPherson,

  • Pretrial Defendants’ Perceptions of Risk, Needs, and Strengths During the Pretrial Period - Peyton Frye, Evan Lowder, Janani Umamaheswar, Chelsea M.A. Foudray, Sydney Ingel, & Jae-lynn Tavarez-Brown

  • A qualitative exploration of strengths and challenges during pretrial supervision - Janani Umamaheswar, Evan Lowder, Peyton Frye, Sydney Ingel, Jae-lynn TavarezBrown, & Chelsea M.A. Foudray

  • Integrating Community Engagement in Prosecutorial Research: A Non-Traditional Partnership - Carmen Diaz, Tri Keah Henry, Eric Grommon, Evan Lowder, Maqubè Reese, Marshall Allen, & Erika Oliphant

  • Changes in the Age Distribution of Arrests in Pennsylvania and Their Impact on the AgeSentencing Relationship - Jeffery Ulmer & Ashley Elizabeth Rodriguez

  • Pandemic Justice: A Grounded Theory Examination of Disparities in Virtual Bond Hearings - Ashley Elizabeth Rodriguez, Avery Worrell, & Christi Metcalfe


  • CSI-CSI: Comparing Several International Approaches Toward Crime Scene Improvement - Anna Shen Knes, Madeleine de Gruijter, Matthijs Zuidberg, & Christianne de Poot

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